Cultural Environment

Our Lady of the Rosary

The festivities in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary are held the week of October 7, the day of the patron saint of Olocau. These festivities are full of devout acts religious. They begin with the traditional Triduum to the Virgin of the Rosary, three days of prayers and celebrations. One of the most relevant acts are the Cantos a la Aurora that take place at dawn on the 7th. Eucharists, rosaries, processions and, of course, the ringing of bells that gives solemnity to this tradition, complete the festivities.

It is a moment of union of the people, where there is no shortage of brotherhood dinners, placing of flags, chocolate, despertá with masclets and offering of flowers that ends with a mascletá. The smell of gunpowder so characteristic of the Valencian Community and the sound of the music band fill the streets of Olocau during its patron saint festivities.

These celebrations coincide with the 9th of October, when the municipality pays tribute to its history by commemorating the entry of King James I to the Valencian territory, holding an institutional ceremony in the Assembly Hall of the Town Hall, where the Nauiba awards were presented.. During these days you can enjoy the children’s theater, the Concert per la conquestapopular dinner and disco. The festive period concludes with the Dansà, a traditional Valencian dance that takes place in the main square.


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