Cultural Environment


Travel to the Iberian world of Edetan through the Iberfesta of Olocau!

The Iberfesta Olocau is a cultural event set in the Iberian theme held since 2013, with origin in the research and dissemination project of [span,   Puntal dels Llops.. It is held the second weekend of June with the aim of publicizing and disseminating the Iberian heritage of the municipality.

It is a full weekend with a wide variety of activities for all audiences where you can experience the history of the inhabitants of  Puntal dels Llops   in first person.  

For the youngest visitors, there are several educational workshops known as the 5 Tests of Nauiba, where they will enjoy javelin and slingshot shooting, pottery modeling, esparto grass work and a quiz with questions about Iberian culture. In addition, in the Casa de la Senyoria is the children’s library of the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia. Another important activity is the visit to the Museographic Collection of the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia. Puntal dels Llops.

During the weekend, scenes of the Iberian period are represented by theatricalizations performed by the olocauinos and olocauinas themselves. These scenes are supervised by the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia, so they have great quality and historical accuracy. Iberfesta is also a member of the Spanish Association of Historical Festivals and Recreations. Read more.

Do not hesitate to come, the Iberfesta of Olocau is waiting for you!


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