Cultural Environment

Guided tours

Free tour service from Wednesday to Sunday throughout the year.

Since 2013 the City Council of Olocau and the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia collaborate to offer a service of free visits from Wednesday to Sunday throughout the year. This project was created with the aim of disseminating Iberian culture through the Puntal dels Llops and promoting the public use of the site for its heritage and educational enjoyment in a way that is compatible with its protection.

The guided tours are conducted by specialized archaeologists who accompany visitors from the beginning of the route, walking the 1.5 km path with the group. The experience to know the Puntal dels Llops begins by walking the path that leads to the site and discovering the flora and fauna that surrounds us today and the one that the Iberians would have observed 2500 years ago when doing this same route.

During the school months it is common to visit with school groups of all levels, from elementary school to university. This is a different extracurricular activity, since it combines hiking, nature and cultural heritage. Educational materials are used in these visits to make them more dynamic.

It is also very common for associations, groups of friends and families to visit. It is necessary to arrange the visit in advance and there is no minimum group size.

The mountainous environment surrounding the site, the spectacular remains of the Puntal dels Llops, the extensive landscape that can be reached from there and the explanations of our guides, specialized archaeologists, make this visit a unique experience.

Special activities

A different way to approach the Iberian culture.

The guided tour is not the only way to discover Puntal dels Llops, throughout the year there are special visits that offer a different way to approach the Iberian culture.

La Mirada dels Deus is a dramatized visit where a group of visitors follows the access route to Puntal dels Llops hand in hand with different Iberian characters who are doing their chores to prepare a propitiatory ritual. Through them they discover how they lived, how news came from far away from the hand of the merchants and how they interacted with each other. Finally, the group helps in the preparations and participates in a ritual to the gods inside the village.

La Memòria del guerrer is a dramatized visit where the spirit of the warrior Nauiba appears during the visit to the village and tells the public in first person how were the last moments of life in the watchtower, a conflictive and warlike context between two great Mediterranean powers of that time.

In the summer months, nocturnal visits to the site are organized, A la lluna del Puntal. Taking advantage of the summer temperatures, a visit is made at sunset during which you can discover the Puntal dels Llops with a guided tour with specialized archaeologists, but with a different atmosphere, under the moonlight.

These visits are organized by the Puntal dels Llops Visits Service and the date will be announced through all channels. It is essential to register in advance, since the capacity is limited.


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