Cultural Environment

Virgin of August and San Roque

The festivities of Olocau are an opportunity to connect with the ancestral traditions of the municipality. The patron saint festivities in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption and San Roque are celebrated during the first weeks of August, the most devout days being the 15th and 16th..

During these festivities there are activities for everyone, a good time to enjoy with family and friends. The festivities begin with the pa i porta, a dinner where the whole town gathers in the main street. We can not forget the prominent role that sport has in these parties, with the realization of a soccer tournament, a paddle tournament and the popular race. Volta a Peu. Activities such as children’s cinema or traditional wooden games are planned for the youngest visitors.

Music also accompanies this festive period with the summer concert of the Agrupación musical La Melodía, in the courtyard of the Casa de la Senyoria., pasodobles in the Plaza Mayor and different discos and orchestras. No lack of these patron saint festivities les albaes, traditional Valencian songs that take place in the main street, nor the Batukada Alí-Maimó Olocau that cheers up the popular parade and the costume contest.

The first Saturday of the festivities is the annual charity dinner in favor of cancer research, which shows the great involvement of the people in acts of solidarity.

The 15th is the most traditional day. In the morning the Eucharist is celebrated in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption and in the afternoon the procession takes place. On the 16th the religious celebration of the patron saint of the town, San Roque, continues. Like the acts in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption, in honor of San Roque the Eucharist and procession are celebrated in the afternoon. The evenings of these days of religious tradition are enlivened by orchestras and discos.


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