Health and Safety

These are our health and safety recommendations for visitors:

Drinking water: Drinking water is what we have in the urban core. The water from the springs of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park is not drinkable because it has not been made drinkable, so it can potentially contain harmful bacteria.

Meteorology: It is recommended that you use the support of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) to check the weather warnings at the destination, and thus be informed, for example, of possible heat waves.

Clothing. It is recommended to wear a hat or cap and sunglasses to protect yourself from the wind and sun. In addition, sports shoes or hiking boots are recommended. Do not forget a comfortable backpack with sufficient capacity for everything you need, such as water and food, which should not be missing.

Additional care: It is recommended, both in winter and summer, the use of sunscreen. The right sunscreen should have filters that protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Trails: Always follow the marked trails. Do not leave the recommended itinerary.

Vehicles: It is strictly forbidden for any bicycle, motorcycle or quad to travel on the trails. The transit of these vehicles is only allowed on forest tracks or agricultural roads, with preference always given to hikers.

Flora: Be careful with thorny plants, poisonous plants, reeds that can cut, etc. This will prevent physical damage. In the case of poisonous plants, there are some in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park but they are the same as outside the park, e.g. the oleander. It is recommended not to eat any type of wild fruit that you do not know perfectly well.

Fauna: Beware of potentially dangerous species such as scorpions, European hornets, scolopendras and wasps that can cause certain problems and it is best to avoid them.

Hunting: The general hunting season runs from October to January. The general schedule covers the period of the day from sunrise to sunset. Hunts that take place outside the general season will be signposted and warned with prior notice by the Olocau Hunters Association.

Orography: Pay attention with the use of cell phones or cameras, especially with selfies, which can cause falls, even serious ones.


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