Cultural Environment

Orchard landscape

In our territory the populations are always located next to water points used for water supply and irrigation, being the orchard the most productive space and the one that offered more food; to the point that its surface determines the size of the population. For this purpose, there was a network of reservoirs to accumulate the scarce water flows, distributed at convenience by a network of irrigation ditches, a work of engineering that was developed mainly in the Islamic period and that we inherited. The fields are carefully tilled, supplemented with fertilizers from barnyard animals. Today it is a natural and historical heritage, understood as an urban garden that should be promoted both for its visual quality and for offering local products of proximity.

To get to know it we can follow the Macollades route, visiting the Amara pond, the 20th century irrigation channel, the Sénia dels Simeons and of course, even if they are not from the orchard, enjoy the monumental and centenary carob trees along the way.


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