Cultural Environment

Water architecture

One of the attractions of the environment is the testimony left by the use of water by different cultures, with the magnificent ditches and ponds that irrigated the traditional orchards, fountains and aqueducts to transport water to the population. Discover this heritage with the Route of the Fountains and the Route of the Macollades! You can not leave Olocau without knowing the most important monuments of water and its culture, and for this we give you some tips so you do not lose detail of the most relevant.

Fuente de la Salud

The Fuente de la Salud, dedicated to the Virgen de la Salud de Chirivella, is located in a place located 500 m at the foot of the imposing Penya de Ali Maimó, so it is also known as Font de la Penya. It has a great relevance for the inhabitants of the village, since the flow of this source has been, until the installation of piped drinking water, the main water supply in Olocau. In 1867, the water from the Fuente de la Salud was piped to the fountain of the Plaza Mayor, so they would be closely linked in the function of the use of water resources of the municipality.

Fuente del Frare

The Font del Frare was built at the end of the 18th century by Count Dídac de Fenollet i Valterra de Blanes. for your evening strolls. Located in the middle of the valley, between mountains cut to peak and wide centennial carob trees, it has a circular stone bench and a ceramic altarpiece dedicated to San Diego. The place shows the grace of the constructions of the 18th century, inspired by the enlightened thinking of which the Fenollet nobles were part.

Aqueduct el Arquet

The Arquet, located in the ravine of the Frare, is the only preserved arch of the old aqueduct that transported water to the interior of Olocau. The semicircular arch has a calcareous stone base and an arcade of oak, all mortared. It is surrounded by extensive vegetation and has a picnic area, perfect for those who prefer to eat outdoors and in a pleasant natural environment.

Fountains Route

Quiet route for a walk of approximately 1 hour duration, with a difference in height of 42 m. Its difficulty is low, so it is perfect for children.

This route runs around the town of Olocau, within the Natural Park of the Sierra Calderona. It is a simple route, which shows some of its sources and the most beautiful areas around the municipality. Along the route, we will see reddish rocky cliffs, very characteristic of the Sierra Calderona, such as the Penyeta Roja or the omnipresent Penya d’Alí Maimó that we will get a closer look at when we approach the Font de la Salut (o de la Penya)from where you can closely observe the Piga of Olocau, circular stain painted with lime in the first quarter of the s. XX to locate Olocau from a distance.

The route starts at the Casa de la Senyoria, an old manor house of the Counts of Olocau, from the end of the s. XVIII, which together with the Torre de Pardines, an Islamic tower from the XVIII century. XIII, form what is known in Olocau as El Castell. Along the route we can enjoy several fountains, highlighting among them the aforementioned Font de la Salut and Font del Frare, a fountain built at the end of the s. XVIII where the counts of Olocau refreshed themselves in summer on their evening strolls. Churches, parks and aqueducts are other attractions that can be enjoyed on this route.


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