Cultural Environment

Popular urban architecture
and rural

One of the great attractions of the town is its preservation of the traditional urban and rural landscape, giving it a charming atmosphere that can be appreciated in different walks.

Walking through the town of Olocau will take you back in time to the traditional houses of Valencian typology, with ceramic altarpiece, portals, sotabalcones, wooden portals, wrought iron balconies and lintels, plinths and carved stone apron.

In order not to miss the best examples, be sure to take a walk during your visit to Olocau along Cervantes Street (n. 5 and 14), San Félix Street (n. 14, 18 and 20), Mestre Roselló Street (n. 25) and, of course, Main Street, the main axis of the town and where most of them are located. Also the core of narrow streets around the Tower of Pardines and Casa de la SenyoriaIn the oldest part of the town, it is a recommended walk to see a large number of popular ceramic altarpieces.

In all the hiking routes in Olocau you will find important examples of rural architecture; corrals, cisterns, lime kilns, etc., catxirulos.
Testimonio de una arquitectura ancestral que ha pervivido por siglos en el campo hasta hoy.

A singularity of Olocau are the catxirulos, these stone constructions form a room covered by a vault made up of an approximation of rows, used by shepherds and farmers as an occasional shelter. Pay attention to the hiking route of the Castillo del Real that you will find at catxirulo known as l’Aljub del Castell.


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